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Speedy RX

Get a custom prescription treatment mailed to your doorstep before your first appointment.

Why wait?

  • Have warts? Use Speedy Rx to start our custom wart treatment before your first clinic appointment!
  • Have molluscum? Use Speedy Rx to start our custom molluscum treatment now!
  • Acne scars? Use Speedy Rx to start clearing your scars now!
  • A tough diaper rash? Use Speedy Rx to get our pediatric dermatologist created prescription diaper cream now!

Available Products:

  • BPAD Gentle Wart Cream: four anti-viral ingredients in one cream that are also gentle enough to be used on extra sensitive places like the face or diaper areas
    • Acyclovir, cimetidine, green tea extract, and ibuprofen
  • BPAD Strong Wart Tonic: A strong acid combined with a chemotherapy agent that work together to dissolve warts on the thick skin of hands and feet.
    • Salicylic acid and 5-Fluorouricil
  • BPAD Acne Scar Day Cream: A combination of gentle ingredients that fade excess pigment and reduce redness.
    • Niacinamide, tranexamic acid, and Kojic acid
  • BPAD Acne Scar Night Cream: A prescription-level retinoid combined with a gentle brightening agent
    • Tretinoin and tranexamic acid
  • BPAD Magic Butt Cream: four agents that work together to protect and heal irritated skin in the diaper area in an extra-low allergy base made for young babies.
    • Hydrocortisone, zinc oxide, nystatin, and cholestyramine

How Speedy Rx Works:

Great for any device!

all devices

1. Click the “Get Started” button on this page to sign up with Miiskin – a secure tele-dermatology service. Enter your information (not your minor’s).

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2. Follow the instructions to download the Miiskin app. Choose the compounded medication you would like for your child and fill out the 2-minute form.

3. A provider will review your information and, if appropriate, send the prescription to be freshly compounded for your child.

4. Wellness Compounding Pharmacy in Cary will contact you to set up a delivery to your doorstep. Should you wish to contact them directly: 919-694-5357 or [email protected].


$30 for the provider to review your information, plus:

BPAD Magic Butt Paste
BPAD Scar Creams
BPAD Gentle Wart Cream
BPAD Strong Wart Tonic

“All of my family loves Dr. Burkhart. I have several children and have been to many dermatologists. He is the best and all my kids go to him now. I wish I was able to be his patient too, but he only sees children.”
~ happy parent


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