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Reaching Teens: How We Connect with Adolescents at Burkhart Pediatric & Adolescent Dermatology

I am super excited this month because the newest version of “Reaching Teens” by Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg (a pediatrician and adolescent health specialist in Philadelphia) is being released and this is my favorite book on how to connect with teens. More than any other age group, skills in passing the “trustworthy test” with teens are equally important to any medical skills or degrees a doctor may have. You won’t get respect just because you are an adult with a medical degree…and you can’t force a teen to take pills or use a cream! I have used this textbook to guide the design of our dermatology office, and regularly read it and watch its videos to improve my adolescent communication skills. If anyone wants to know how I will interact with adolescents, this is my starting place. read more…

Our Response to Recent Events

All of us at Burkhart Pediatric & Adolescent Dermatology wholeheartedly agree with the American Academy of Pediatrics statement on racial injustice and the need to critically examine the role of racial bias and institutional racism in our community (https://www.aappublications.org/news/2020/06/01/racism060120). We stand with our pediatric colleagues for justice and for the equitable treatment of black and brown people. read more…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, we have created a blog celebrating Mother’s Day…using a poem!  This is one of my all-time favorite poems, by Billy Collins, that brings a tear to my eye whenever I read it.  In a touching and humorous poem, Collins identifies something many children have thought at some point: that we can “repay” our mothers in some way for all that they do for us.  Of course, the “worn truth” is that this is impossible.  I love how all the selfless, loving acts of motherhood are answered with, “yes, I know, here’s a lanyard.”  It’s often said that parenting is a thankless job, and the naivete of children when it comes to gratitude does not help!  I hope you enjoy and think about selfless love as you read this poem. read more…

Elephant in the Dark

This is a classic poem by Rumi that applies to our experiences of the COVID-19 epidemic. The poem uses analogy to compare the attitude of people who insist that “I am right, and you are wrong,” with people feeling different parts of a whole elephant.  Each person believes they know it all, but in reality, only senses a part of the truth.  Ask yourself, “What is the elephant to me?”  No matter what each of us sees the elephant as, the poem speaks to a greater whole that expands beyond each of our own perspectives, a greater whole that we often ignore because we are so fixated with our own experiences and very difficult problems.  We hope reading this poem helps all of us to humbly reflect, think flexibly, and ponder other points of view during these difficult times. read more…

April is National Poetry Month!

Since this month is National Poetry Month, we thought it would be fun to share an inspirational poem.  This is a classic poem by Emily Dickinson describing hope, and we believe it speaks to many of us during these crazy times.  Dickinson describes hope as “a thing with feathers,” which we can assume to be a bird that is always “perched” in our souls surviving hardships (storms) and confusion (strangest Seas) to provide us comfort.  Even more, the tiniest bit of perseverance, less than a “crumb,” is all that is needed to carry on.  This is an empowering poem that reminds us that even in the toughest times, and no matter what we are going through, we can find hope within ourselves.  We hope you find encouragement while reading this poem! read more…

Now’s the Time to Utilize Telemedicine/Online Visits During the Coronavirus Epidemic

To help protect patients and staff from the spread of COVID-19, we have expanded our hours for online visits with Dr. Burkhart.  Our online visits allow children and teenagers to be evaluated and get their needed prescriptions without leaving their home.  No special equipment, downloads, logins, or training are required for our online visits.  You only need a cellphone or computer with access to FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts.  The team at Burkhart Pediatric & Adolescent Dermatology is excited to offer our patients and families this important service.  Call our office to schedule an online appointment at (919) 476-1118 and we will take it from there.

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Are there natural therapies that can clear up Acne quickly?

Natural therapies that work fast

When faced with an outbreak of acne, you can turn to several types of natural therapies to help clear your skin as well as the medications noted in the last post.

There is good evidence that applying alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid) at concentrations above 10% can improve acne lesions within weeks.  These can be applied as daily lotions or as a face peel every 2-4 weeks.  Alpha hydroxy acids are very common additives in natural acne cosmetics.  Glycolic acid is used very commonly in home facial peels and at medical spas.

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Acne Emergency? Remedies that work quickly.

Acne can be embarrassing and frustrating at any age and is an extremely common condition. While we normally think of teenagers getting acne, it can start much younger — up to 50% of 10-year old’s and 90% of 18-year old’s in America currently have, or have dealt with, some level of acne on their face, chest, back, or shoulders.  It can cause individuals to avoid swimsuits or even change their entire wardrobe to hide their disease. And the effects can go more than “skin deep”; severe acne breakouts can lead to social isolation, avoidance of romantic relationships, depression and anxiety.  Acne flares can be a really big problem!

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What is a Pediatric Dermatologist?

A doctor trained to treat the skin of young people

A Pediatric Dermatologist focuses on the skin health of young people.  Becoming a pediatric dermatologist requires special training — in addition to the four-year medical school curriculum and one year of internship, three years of dermatology residency and an additional year of rigorous fellowship training are required. Most pediatric dermatologists also work as attending physicians at teaching hospitals for several years prior to establishing their own community practices.

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